Paper, at Kami Studio, is used not only as a raw material for creating jewelry models, but it is also the substrate for writing family or personal stories. 

Stories are shared by people who are searching for a unique and new way to tell them. They share stories about themselves or their family to inspire the creation of a new piece of jewelry that will tell this story. Together with the designer, Sara Agami, the story’s foundations are refined and expressed in the motifs, materials, stones, production and polishing process. The works of Kami Studio connect worlds of text, history, nature, and emotion.

Below are some examples of such stories that rolled through Kami Studio and became exciting and personal pieces of jewelry


The story of a



Abraham was a young boy during World War II. The severe war events forced his family to move from their Polish town and flee east. At the end of the war, they returned to find that nothing was left of their property. Nothing was left of their town...

 Bedouin Love Song

One day a beautiful young girl with short cut bangs arrived at my studio. She pulled out of her bag a stone the size of a fist. She told me: "It's a flintstone we found in the desert, near Sde Boker."

She asked if I could design their engagement ring from this stone...

A story about one ring

and a lot of love

This is a story of  a glorious family, a deeply rooted, for three generations now, in the Land of Israel.The family wanted to design a ring that will represent the family story and that would suit the whole range of ages of girls and  boys in the family...

 ruby my love 

Rajasthan (the land of the princes), India's second-largest country, the land of the Maharajas, the ancient fortresses, the colors, the temples and, most importantly, an ancient center for the gemstone trade...

The incarnation of a pendant

Nisim was the owner of a large and successful glass factory in Sofia, Bulgaria at the beginning of the last century. A wealthy and liberal man, married and a father of four daughters and a son. In preparation for the marriage of his eldest daughter Mazal, the father wanted to give her a precious and special piece of jewelry, one that would give expression and meaning to the bond that she was about to make with the man of her choice...

heart of gold

Alexander and Janina Zhimanovotzk immigrated to Israel after World War II. They first met in a Hebrew studio, and after a while, united and established their home in Ramat Hadar, which is now part of Hod Hasharon...