ruby my love 

Rajasthan (the land of the princes), India's second-largest country, the land of the Maharajas, the ancient fortresses, the colors, the temples and, most importantly, an ancient center for the gemstone trade. Isabelle, an old and devoted customer who is also a good friend of mine, had a dream: to buy a real ruby in the shape of an oval and to design a unique ring that is only hers.
In the summer of 2018, Isabelle and her husband were in India and decided they had to find the ruby that Isabel wanted. After wandering among innumerable shops and jewelers, they found what they wanted. Although not a real ruby AAA grade whose price is skyrocketing, but a high-quality synthetic stone at a price that was possible for them and looks amazing. When Isabelle came to me with the stone she was not closed with herself about what she wanted exactly. She was looking for a combination of classic jewelry with a more natural look and feel. After a long process of exchanging ideas and looking for the right design, I finally designed a ring that is very classical in structure but hand-embroidered for a natural and organic look. Also, because the stone was bought in India, I wanted the pillars supporting the stone, to receive the quality of the four elephants that support the earth from Indian mythology. That is how this ring was born and here it is before you.