A story about one ring

and a lot of love


This is a story of  a glorious family, a deeply rooted, for three generations now, in the Land of Israel.
The family wanted to design a ring that will represent the family story and that would suit the whole range of ages of girls and  boys in the family.
That's what Noam, a third-generation son and the project's entrepreneur, had to say:
"In our family rings have always been an important item. Rings have passed through generations in the family
And were given at special events. The women of the family, from youth on, would have received a ring every few years, from the aunt or grandmother.
When we decided to create a family ring: We wanted to visualize the motifs
from the family's history. Thus, after much thought and discussions among the entire family, the symbols shown on the ring were carefully placed: a small Star of David on a broken trunk, and  Orange and Olive trees
grounded In the beautiful and good land of Israel - which is actually also a way to express  the ethos:

"From Holocaust to Revival".

18K yellow gold ring

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