Kami-Jewelry designs & creates high-quality jewelry, made with Great concern for details and using the finest & most resilient materials. Therefore Kami-Jewelry is proud to grant her clients a lifetime warranty for its gold and silver jewelry, (however, 925 silver Rhodium\Gold plated jewelry is eligible for one year only of full warranty), providing a reasonable use for the product.



In any case of a flaw or mishap regarding the product, Kami-Jewelry will fix the product to the best of our experience & knowledge. Had it been decided after close examination that any flaw was caused as a result of accident or misuse, the client will bear the fee of all expenses necessary for repairs, including shipping costs.

Warranty does not include natural erosion such as abrasions, stretching, deformations or scratches on the surface of the gold & gemstones. Warranty does not include accidental or willful misuse of the product. Also, the warranty does not include a product that went through any treatment anywhere but Kami-Jewelry's workshop. Having that stated, most mishaps are reparable & some repairs may require payment for cost.

For any questions or inquiries regarding our special warranty, Don't hesitate to contact

us here.  


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