Alexander and Janina Zhimanovotzk immigrated to Israel after World War II. They first met in a Hebrew studio, and after a while, united and established their home in Ramat Hadar, which is now part of Hod Hasharon. Together they had three daughters: Eliza, the eldest, Iris, and Yaeli. When parents retired from the world just a few years ago, a story was revealed, which had been kept secret until then.
During the evacuation of the parents' home after their death, hidden in the bathroom cabinet, wrapped in a tissue paper - a pure 24 karat gold bullion of honorable weight was found. Plus, five pure gold coins.
 The surprise was great and exciting! One of the girls recalls and recovers that she once heard her "adults" talk about something valuable and didn't quite understand what it was then. And so the three girls sat and connected the puzzle, this extraordinary story:
Alexander Sr., then a young man, during his wanderings in Europe in the 1940s, during the war, purchased the gold nugget and carried it with him throughout the years for any trouble that would come.
When the girls realized it, they felt a strong desire to create something from that "hidden gold tressure," that would express their love and appreciation to their parents, and become a living and daily souvenir.
They came to me in the studio with a clear idea of what they are looking for. The instructions I received were concise: a clean, classic gold heart pendant.  The final shape founded after a few meetings.  They also asked me to carve their names: "Janina and Alexander" on the back. Eight hearts were cast directly from the original nugget for all extended family members.
In his imagination, Alexander may have dreamed up exactly the same wonderful and exciting script. A story about a gold nugget that rolled on for many years and became a family legacy.