a Bedouin Love Song


One day a beautiful young girl with short cut bangs arrived at my studio. She pulled out of her bag a stone the size of a fist. She told me: "It's a flintstone we found in the desert, near Sde Boker."

She asked if I could design their engagement ring from this stone.

The couple, lovers of nature and desert scenery, met in the desert, and there, in the endless wilderness, their relationship started to form.

"We always go back to the desert to replenish our strength. We always yearn for it. I want to be connected every day to our shared love - the desert, and to wear it on my finger."


The desert flintstone has undergone unique cutting and polishing processes and set in an 18k yellow gold ring. This ring is constantly worn as a symbol of this couple's love for each other and the desert.


18k Gold Ring  with a Flint Stone inlay (Unique Bling)



"I met Sarah and the kami-jewelry brand just in case,
One Friday at the Sharonit compound. I don't usually wear jewelry, but as soon as I saw her special designs, I knew I've found what I wanted.
Then when, Amit, my beloved, offered me a marriage, it was clear to me who would design and shape my wedding ring.
I met Sarah again on Friday, and after a warm hug and a big smile, I told her about my desire for a gold ring with a flintstone from the desert.
I knew I was going to the right designer as soon as Sarah got excited about the unorthodox project with me!

It is a great privilege to wear the ring and an even greater privilege to know Sarah.

Dear Sarah ♡ Continue to create and reveal to the world the beauty of nature in your sensitivity to the small details ♡

No doubt, I won!"

Yael Salem