The story of a


*18k gold pendant with rubies

Abraham was a young boy during World War II. The severe war events forced his family to move from their Polish town and flee east. At the end of the war, they returned to find that nothing was left of their property. Nothing was left of their town.

A few years later, they immigrated to Israel. Abraham matured and became an artist, a painter who loves humankind and nature, with a strong connection to the land and its landscape. He married Ada, a childhood friend he met at a youth movement, and at her request changed their last name to the Hebrew name: Rimon (pomegranate), as an expression of their desire to shed their past and look to the present and the future.

Tamar their daughter, asked to write the story of her parents and to design a piece of jewelry that would embody their story and her father's work. She brought with her to Kami Studio a black and white drawing of her father, and together with Sara refined the basics - renewal, creation, hope, fullness, on the basis of which she created an 18-carat gold pendant with an inlay of tiny Ruby gemstones ​. The pendant was given to Tamar's daughter in law on her wedding day.

*With the client's consent, we are selling a modified  version of the item  

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