Kami Studio

At Kami Studio we create exciting jewelry.

Kami's designs combine gold (usually 18 karats), diamonds and other precious gemstones; The designs devise a special combination of material and spirit, luxury and simplicity, and convey a deep respect for nature and human values.
Nature plays a major role in Kami Studio designs. The jewelry is partly inspired by seeds, pomegranates or other natural elements and some are literally cast from these elements found in nature. Using a unique method allows us to preserve the true dimensions and nature of each original element, and to achieve a finished product that is visually striking as only nature can create.

At Kami Studio, we believe in ethical business practices and responsible finance and are committed to using only the best metals and materials.

The people behind 

Sarah Agami is a jewelry designer, a graduate of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, with honors and a recipient of prestigious awards during her studies. In the course of her professional development, she served as a designer for leading jewelry companies.

Rami Agami is a cinematographer, a graduate of the Tel Aviv University Film School.

The connection between the world of jewelry and design, photography and cinema - brings a unique perspective, light, and movement to every piece of jewelry created in the studio.

Original technique

Sarah developed an original paper-based design technique. The paper is used as a raw material for making miniature models which then casts in gold. The gold casts have a fascinating variation when they meet the unique qualities of paper.

Jewel story

The paper at Kami Studio is not only used to build models. Stories are also written on paper. People come to Kami Studio with a story, a story about themselves or their family. The story is then written on paper, and together with the designer, its foundations are refined and the designing process begins. The resulting piece is a piece of jewelry that is also a symbol that incorporates the family's life and heritage.